Complete Wii Softmodding / Hacking Guide, Part 5: The Fruits of Your Labor

This is the fifth and final part of my Wii softmodding guide.  If you haven’t already, please go through parts one, two, three, and four to get up to speed.  In this part of the guide, we won’t be doing any hacking at all — we finished all of that stuff in part four.  Your Wii is hacked, now let’s run awesome homebrew software on it!

Earthbound Zero.  By the time youre done with this section, itll be installed on your Wii.

Earthbound Zero. By the time you're done with this section, it'll be installed on your Wii.

In this section, we’ll run a Gameboy Advance emulator, install an English Virtual Console version of Earthbound Zero, get familiar with the Homebrew Browser, and learn how to burn a backed up disc.  I will also provide invaluable links that no will doubt help you in the near future.  I have prepared a third SD pack for you so that you can get started, so go ahead and wipe out your SD card again and extract the files from the pack to it.

SD Pack 3

Once all that business is done, start up your Wii with your SD card inserted and boot up the Homebrew Channel.  You’ll see the familiar WAD Manager, but we’ve got a few new programs here as well:  Visual Boy Advance GX, Homebrew Browser, NeoGamma, and USB Loader GX.  I’ll discuss what each of these do.

Homebrew Browser — Lets you download new homebrew software directly onto your Wii from the internet.  You don’t have to remove your SD card or anything.  You can download everything from a PlayStation emulator to a Wii port of Doom using this program.  Once downloaded, these programs can then be launched from the Homebrew Channel.

Visual Boy Advance GX — A very good Gameboy Advance emulator for the Wii.  You can now play your games on the big screen at full speed with no hassle.

NeoGamma — A popular game backup loader that can launch games from DVD, USB drive, and even SD/SDHC card.

USB Loader GX — Another popular backup loader that specializes in launching games from a USB drive.

Why don’t we go ahead and launch VBAgx?  Load it from the Homebrew Channel.  Once it has loaded, you will immediately be prompted with a game select screen.  For convenience, I have put several popular Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games in SD Pack 3.  Why don’t you go ahead and pick one?  My favorite is probably Link’s Awakening DX.

VBAgx will faithfully emulate any GB, GBC, or GBA game.

VBAgx will faithfully emulate any GB, GBC, or GBA game.

Once you’re done playing, you can exit out of VBAgx just like you would anything else on the Wii by pressing the Home button and closing out.  If you later want to add more ROMs to VBAgx, all you need to do is insert your SD card back to your computer and place your ROMs in the X:\VBAgx\ROMS folder (X: represents the drive letter of your card).

Let’s try the Homebrew Browser now.  Once you boot it up, it will connect to its servers and download whatever content it needs to download.  This application automatically updates itself nearly every day to keep up with the latest homebrew releases.  If you want to download something from the Homebrew Browser, all you need to do is just click it and press Download.  You can play with that for a little bit if you like 🙂

USB Loader GX has a very user-friendly GUI.

USB Loader GX has a very user-friendly GUI.

Now I’m going to talk about NeoGamma and USB Loader GX.  These programs both have the capability of launching game images (.ISO files) from USB drives formatted in a WBFS partition.  Yes, WBFS is very unusual and probably Wii-specific.  You can format your drive to WBFS using a program called WBFS Manager (Google it.)  You also use WBFS Manager to move ISO files to the drive.  I haven’t seen an operating system yet that can natively access a WBFS partition.  Once your ISO files are on the drive, just connect your drive to the Wii (if it doesn’t work, try the other USB port.. it has two of them) and the loader you use should detect the games.  USB Loader GX is prettier, but I added NeoGamma because some people just prefer it.

Okay, how about we install Earthbound Zero onto your Wii?  Open WAD Manager, use IOS249 and your SD card as the device.  Select the WAD and install it like you would any other WAD.  Exit WAD Manager and then exit the Homebrew Channel to return to the System Menu.  A new game should be on your system menu: Earthbound Zero for the NES.  Pretty neat, isn’t it?  Oh, one last thing.  In order to download new WADs and have them appear in your WAD Manager install list, all you need to do is put them in the “wad” folder on your SD card.

Alright, now as far as playing backed up Wii and GameCube games goes… first you’ll need to get your hands on an ISO file.  Once you have that file, you can burn it to a DVD-R using ImgBurn (Google it).  I recommend burning at 4X speed.  Once the burn is done, all you have to do is put the disc in your Wii, and thanks to our cIOSCORP hack we did in part four, it should pop up and work great!

If you’re interested in playing import games that were released outside of your region, click here.

Alright, to close out this tutorial, I’m going to provide a collection of my favorite places to go for Wii stuff, including where to download Virtual Console/WiiWare WADs and where to download Wii ISO’s.  Enjoy.

Huge Virtual Console/WiiWare WAD Library

AfterDawn Wii Section — Home to a lot of great tutorials, including the ones that some of this guide was based on

TehParadox Console Games Section — Sticky thread here has links to nearly every Wii ISO in existence — A great Wii resource — An all-around great Nintendo hacking resource — A great Wii homebrew wiki.  You can learn a lot just from reading the articles here.

Here! — I’ll keep posting Wii stuff as I get more into homebrew development and my own personal projects!

I hope my series of tutorials has helped you!  Please post comments of your success stories, or if you have questions post them as a comment too.  I’d love to get feedback from people who made it all the way through 🙂


92 Responses to Complete Wii Softmodding / Hacking Guide, Part 5: The Fruits of Your Labor

  1. rxthexletter says:

    what about playing Multigame ISOs of gamecube games? none of the loaders provided work and the ones i used to have also dont due to a different Mios being used. what do you suggest? thanks

  2. randomualrstudent says:

    for gamecube games, you’ll be booting them straight from the disc channel after installing cIOSCORP. theoretically, any readable gamecube disc will work, including a multigame ISO. i have both discs of MGS: The Twin Snakes on one disc and I haven’t had any problems, and I guess you could consider it multigame.

  3. rxthexletter says:

    when i place my multigame ISO in the drive it doesnt notice or let me select. i could before using the custom Mios and Wiigator. now i cant. im not depressed cause i can burn 1 image to a disc at a time, but i wanted to use multigame isos to not waste discs

  4. randomualrstudent says:

    i’m not sure what the problem could be.. like i said i have a multigame disc myself that has no issues. are you sure you installed cioscorp correctly?

  5. rxthexletter says:

    100% positive. everything went correctly and to the letter. no missteps or errors. trust me i know what im doing haha. just for some reason it wont load an ISO made from MultiGameISo Creator. is there another method? as in a diff loader or no?

  6. randomualrstudent says:

    Hmm.. you could try to reinstall the custom mios, that may or may not have any effect. Also, check and make sure that backed up Wii discs are loading from the disc channel. If that’s not working, then there’s definitely a problem with cioscorp. If all else fails, you could still try the old wiigator loader. you could even try neogamma and see if it will boot it.

  7. nixon says:

    great guide for nobie like me.. many thanks great work

  8. Kanio says:

    Great guide. I followed everything here and I think I got it working. I had trouble with Visual Boy Advance GX on ROMS. After the ROMs are loaded, I don’t see any video on screen. I get a blank screen with the game music. The sound responds to my control, but since I can’t see anything, I don’t know what to do. Is there a way to fix this on Visual Boy Advance GX… Great guide overall still.

  9. randomcollegestudent says:

    Make sure Visual Boy Advance GX is set to whatever screen resolution you’re using. If you’re using an older display, make sure it’s not widescreen and using 480i. If you’re using a newer flatpanel, use 480p and widescreen. You will find these settings under the Video menu, which should subsequently be under something like a Settings menu.

  10. Kanio says:

    i checked my wii setting. it is set to 480i and not widescreen. There is no video setting under visual boy advance GX. The only video setting is under the Wii setting. I have an older TV. Am I missing something?

  11. randomcollegestudent says:

    I’ve just updated SD Pack 3. Redownload it and extract it to your SD card overwriting everything and try again.

  12. Fredrik says:


    For taking the time to sum it all up and explaining the IOS/cIOS/mIOS for us (me) quite new to softmodding 🙂 By far the best guide i’ve found. Very appreciated!

  13. randomcollegestudent says:

    No problem, Fredrik. I hope the guide works/has worked out for you.

  14. btw says:

    i’ve already got homebrew with the browser and ocarina on 4.0e. do i have to get rid of it all and start again to get neogamma? also how do i get vbagx games?

    thanks and sorry for being so technically retarded

  15. randomcollegestudent says:

    to get neogamma, you just need to download the wad file for it, extract it to the wads folder on your sd card, and install it with WAD Manager.

    to get VBAgx, download it with Homebrew Browser. you’ll find it under the emulators tab. to install roms for it, just put them in the “roms” folder on your SD card (one will be created after VBAgx is installed).

  16. btw says:

    where can i get the “roms” from?


  17. btw says:

    also i haven’t followed ur guide. will my wii be ok if i install neogamma?

  18. Nick G. says:

    Hey, great guide thanks. I followed it and it works perfectly I have a question. If I burn DVDs of iso files do they have to be NTSC or will PAL games work? Of the 4 games I have tried, both of the NTSC work and neither of the PAL games burned correctly.

  19. randomcollegestudent says:

    @btw: You can find roms on various websites across the internet, you can Google that. As far as NeoGamma goes, your Wii should be fine, but I can’t possibly know if it will work properly or not depending on what you have installed.

    @Nick: If you want to play PAL games, make sure you have the region free settings enabled. I provide a link to my quick region free tutorial in this part of the guide.

  20. Mark says:

    GREAT SITE!!! Got me set up in no time. Few questions though..

    What is the difference between running backups off of NeoGamma and the Disc Loader?

    Should I install Bootmii as a precaution or is it just up to the person?

    and finally is there a way to run wads directly from the sd card without installing them to the system memory?

    I appreciate this guide as it was far better to understand than the one in afterdawn.

    Thanks again

  21. randomcollegestudent says:

    NeoGamma is just another step you would have to go through, and I can’t guarantee 100% compatibility.

    If everything works fine, I don’t see the need to install Bootmii unless you’re going to be doing something from here on out that you know will be a severe risk.

    There is no way to run WADs directly from the SD card because the way that the Wii handles such data. What it has to do is have it install to the system memory and ticket it. You can then move that data to your SD card in Data Management, but it must first be installed onto the Wii – no exceptions.

  22. abner says:

    Hey once again thanks for this guide. I have all the stuff and will probably follow through tomorrow.

    I have a couple of questions before doing that, if you don’t mind answering.

    – About Bootmii: I read somewhere that it could be installed to boot2 (don’t know what that means) and act as a way to restore your Wii to its pre-softmodded state (or at least to a working state) in case of a brick. Is this true and if so is that a good idea to set up as a fail-safe? If yes, where would installing Bootmii fit in the steps outlined in the guide?

    – And are there any software you would suggest staying away from due to being dangerous for newbies or really risky?

    That’s it. Thanks for your time!

  23. willeyone22 says:

    Awesome, man…. works like a charm. Finally playin Super Tecmo Bowl with updated rosters… KICK ASS. Gotta ask you though, can you walk us through the steps to use the wii as a DVD player? Not really sure how to go about this, and don’t wanna screw up what I have already done through your tutorial. Again, awesome job, and would love a DVD player tutorial… thanks, man. I appreciate your consideration.

  24. randomcollegestudent says:

    @abner: I don’t run through Bootmii in the guide because for the hacks that you’ll be doing, it’s rumored to cause more problems than it could help, especially with preloader installed. If you follow my guide to the tee, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

    As far as software to stay away from, if it looks dangerous then I would stay away from it.

    @willeyone22: To use your Wii as a DVD player, all you should have to do is go into the Homebrew Browser and download the DVDx Installer. I take no responsibility if this messes anything up, but I doubt that it will.

  25. Seeker247 says:

    Yeah I did everything from your guide and it works Thanks so much man thank you, your guide is awesome, now to play MONSTER HUNTER TRI!!YEAH your the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  26. abner says:

    Hey just got done and it went off without a hitch! Thanks so much for putting together and providing such an thorough and easy to follow guide.

  27. jaosilva2006 says:

    Hey! Thank you so very much. The most complete guide ever! Worked like a charm. Cheers!

  28. KinG says:

    Thank you so much man it is working 100% i can play copied games.i had my hacked last week it was on 3.1U and i did delete my channel what i did is format wii system memory and it did delete all the channells then flowed your instruction and yes it is working i can play copied games nice thank you so much mannnnn.

  29. jaosilva2006 says:

    Hey! Just taking my chances… Wii ISOs and everything else working like a charm except for gamecube backups. Tried to load them using gcload or right through the disc channel and it will not launch. If I insert a GC backup DVD-R (I’m positive it is a NTSC-U image and burned with ImgBurn at 4x) the channel itself displays the GC logo but fails to launch and reboot the console bringing me back to System Menu. Am I missing something? Thx!

  30. jaosilva2006 says:

    I meant GCBooter (found in the HB Browser), not GCLoad. I did some googling and I will reinstall cmios rev 3 now. Hopefully it will work. It looks like a common issue with no proven solution… I will be grateful for any help.

  31. jaosilva2006 says:

    Reinstalling cMIOS rev 3 does the trick! yay! 100% now!

  32. phones says:

    cool , anyone can tell me where to download playstation emulator

  33. Justifier says:

    Great guide, but I have 2 questions:

    – If you follow the guide to the letter, there is no or a very low chance to brick your wii, right?
    – What about playing real games who install a system update later on? won’t they mess up your wii?


  34. rahul says:

    I am getting 002 error of blue screen for some of the games from usb loader GX. How do I fix this?

  35. randomcollegestudent says:

    phones: As the guide states, use the Homebrew Browser.

    Justifier: Slim to no chance of bricking if you follow the guide to the letter – that’s the point. Also, there’s a part in the guide where you disable the automatic install of updates by games.

    rahul: Set the game to use the 002 error fix.

  36. Justifier says:

    thank you for the answers.

    got 1 more:

    as i read the guide, i understand you have to modify the wii’s system files. is it possible to bring back the wii to its virgin state after the mods? with my xbox360 for example i just had to reflash the dvd drive.


  37. randomcollegestudent says:

    The Wii doesn’t use a typical hard drive, instead it uses flash memory for storing data. There will always be a trace once you have hacked your Wii.

  38. Justifier says:


    what i meant was de downgraders. i assume you downgrade the IOS from the original one that is used in a virgin wii. is it possible to restore the virgin ios after you have downgraded? (& get rid of the preloader, cios, …)

  39. Justifier says:

    ignore the last question. found it on the second page of your guide. my bad

  40. rahul says:

    This is one of the best guides, I have 2 questions:

    1. Can I upgrade USB loader GX to rev 713, will all the games work? Is there a wad file for rev 713?

    2. I have tried to get the titles for the games but it fails at the end. How do I get the titles working?

  41. john says:

    I followed the guide to a t-ee it had been soft modded before by my mate never worked i wiped out everything started from scratch go into neogamma 6 and all i get is same as before dvd read error 972 wont play any backup disc of any kind but still plays originals

  42. Mark says:

    Thank you for this post. I am able to play all emulators but none of my back up disks play. GI Joe loads and just when you think its working it gives a disk error. None of the other four disks even load. Ive used three different DVD-R’s. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  43. ABCTESTER says:

    This tutorial is great, I followed it step by step and everything works. thanks!

    is there a way to play DVD movies ?

  44. Justifier says:

    Should I do this with a LEF12 0… serial?
    from what i have read its an equivalent of the lu64+ one?


  45. abctester says:

    anyway to get Monter HUnter 3 Jap ver to run?

  46. glue says:

    Hey, I think it’s a great tutorial and it worked perfectly! Sometimes it’s a bit hard to understand what you actually are doing instead of just following orders… But maybe that’s because I’m new at it 😉

    I only got 1 problem though: VC Wii games (the wad’s) don’t seem to be working, i get a black screen when trying to play them (for example: Earthbound zero). If I’m lucky the home menu still works otherwise I just have to reboot the system.

    The weird thing is though, that I AM able to play the WiiWare games (For example World of Goo)…

    Any Idea on what went wrong or how to fix this?? THNX!!

  47. Ryan says:

    Great guide man. Had mine done in under an hour. Backups, NTSC, PAL, Wiiware, n64, snes, nes, genesis all work perfectly. Sucks about having to copy the wad to the wii each time but oh well. Maybe something will change that soon!

  48. sknoeep says:

    Right awesome guide, worked perfect first try through! The only thing is now my internet connection won’t work for the forecast channel or news channel, any fix for that?

  49. sickness says:

    hi, ur guide was/is fantastic but i have a litle doubt…where do i download my wii games???(direct download if possible but if not it will come handy too ;p

  50. bmuck says:

    This guide worked like a charm!! I’ve been through other sites and none match up. My first attempts at modding it only got my the homebrew channel with only emulators working, and to think I was about to buy a modchip…

  51. HiddenZealot says:

    First of all, great guide. 🙂

    Secondly, I have a question: So it *is* safe to have WiiConnect24 turned on post-softmod? Because I’ve read on other sites that doing so carries a high risk of bricking the system due to Nintendo automatically updating your Wii.

  52. Nick G. says:

    every time i try to use a usb flash drive with the 2 usb game loaders the games load black and white and also proportions messed up. however, burned games worked fine. is there a way to fix this?

  53. answer says:

    Nick G,
    Buy a wii component cable from monoprice. It will solve this problem..

  54. answer says:

    If you like this guide and are from canada, please sign the petition at because bell is introducing UBB. Read about it..

  55. spriggsy says:

    just want to say thanks to all your hard work, i have chipped and modded many consoles in my time but have never found such an easy to use guide as yours. i have now softmodded two wiis and both have worked flawlessly. cheers

  56. that guy says:

    same thing jaosilva2006 said but when i use the gcbooter or w/e program you gave me the game starts…you can play the game but you cant see it on the tv its just dark, and i installed cmios rev3 again,,, just wondering if you can post a fix on this.
    your tut is the best by the way—thanks in advance

  57. vikingzz119 says:

    Great tutorial loved it. Everything has been working great. I do have a question tho about some games now not wanting to play. I have verbatim dvd-r disks that I have used and now some backed up games won’t play at all. Not all just some. I softmodded my wii about 3 weeks ago and everything was great dispite some backup iso’s just showing a black screen which I would then need to reset. Any ideas on this and where to find out what may have happened.

  58. vikingzz119 says:

    Just a note on my post above. Some of the games not working now did previously. Does this have anything to do with trying to play a Wii scrubber game perhaps?

    Excuse me for being a noob.

  59. Chas_28 says:

    I have a modchip installed on my wii and I also have it softmodded to play off of usb… I upgraded to 4.1, according to your guide, but now unable to read disk, usb drive still loads though… oh its not a lu64… any clue as to why the drive wont read original or burned disk???

  60. exclamato says:

    your guide is exceptionnel everything went OK but if i put a gamecube game backup in the wii it shows the game in the wii menu but i press start the screen goes black and the wii restart to the main menu , canyou help me please

  61. Jeremy says:

    Hmm I’ve been having the same black screen error on my vc games..

    Also when I try to load a game from any usb loader it either resets my wii or shows an error code.. But I’m starting to assume that it has something to do with my hard drive..

  62. Edgar González says:

    rapidshare Error
    You have reached the download limit for free-users. Would you like more?

    UpLoad your files in mirror place.

  63. Amit says:

    I have successfully hacked my wii. How can i play movies on wii? with avi format or divx format?

  64. Amit says:

    Thanks a lot for this incredible guide….was scared before starting but now i am very happy that i took this decision.

  65. Amit says:

    Can i play mario games on this cracked version. on some site i read..playing mario games bricks wii if it is hacked.

  66. Eresin says:

    I’ve done all this and it works great… I’d like to know how to take my wii back to being normal with no hacks, is there a way to do this should I want to in the future?

  67. dukeman says:

    I modded a wii a couple of days ago with this guide and went thru faultlessly so many thanks to the author.I see Nintendo have now released a 4.2 firmware which apparently removes homebrew 😦 I take it then this guide will need tweaking ?

  68. Puffy says:

    Just wanted to thank you for an awesome guide. 🙂

  69. Edgar González says:

    This guide is very good, but i can’t update to the 4.1 becouse say me error and now my homebrew say me UpDate and when i do it say me error in ios, help me please!

  70. dukeman says:

    you can’t use the current guide coz Nintendo have now released 4.2 firmware which removes all homebrew (…or worse can brick wii).I think a new version of a couple of the files is now needed to do this..

  71. martingraham says:

    Can Anyone show me how to download wii games without mod chip ?
    I want to download wii games without mod chip.
    Pls help me. THanks.

  72. Jm21 says:

    I ran into a problem when trying to do the second install of preloader. After getting the corrupt system menu error, I tried to load HBC from preloader (like the guide says to do), but I got an error saying it couldn’t find hbc and that it might not be installed. I about shit a brick at this point , but was able to find an hbc.dol file that let me launch hbc from preloader using the “install file” feature. At that point, I was able to do the second preolader install and everything seems to be working now.

    A confession though… I had already been doing some softmodding and instead of following your guide from the very beginning, I picked up at the point where cIOS38-14 was installed and the homebrew channel was installed. To get to that point, I didn’t use the files you provided. Also anywhere in the guide that involved an official system update, I used waninkoko’s 4.1 updater instead (since i didn’t want to update to 4.2 which has been released since you wrote this guide). Is it possible that I had a different version of hbc and that’s why preloaded couldn’t launch it?

    Like I said, everything is working, but I’m worried that potential problems may be lurking inside my Wii because of this hiccup with the install.

  73. Xan says:

    I had the same problem referring to not being able to find hbc after rebooting. I followed the guide exactly, and have upgraded to 4.1U where asked.

    Where did you find the hbc.dol file that you installed? Any other tips to fix this?

  74. Xan says:

    I do not recommend using this guide. It is outdated and I cannot seem to get any help here to fix the problems. I am bricked right now, but I think I will be able to restore it.

    Do some google searching for new guides with active forums. There is a lot of good information out there that is current.

  75. BoogedyBoogedyBoo says:

    There is a new one on WiiHacks(link on this page).

  76. chris says:

    i was woundering if i dont instal the third pack will i still be able to play burnt games

  77. Staalwart says:

    Hi there! I have a question: I’ve noticed that you haven’t updated your steps to include the new 4.2U firmware, which is the current lastest firmware available from Nintendo. Your tutorial assumes that the latest one is still 4.1. How it all sums up when facing a 4.2U firmware? Thanks!

  78. C says:

    Is there any way you could make a guide just as good as this one, but for the 4.2 firmware, prettypretty please?

  79. Courtney says:

    What is the likelihood of me killing my Nintendo wii if I use the homebrew installers?

  80. Mickey says:

    I followed your guide up to the second part of step 6 in part 4 “Use the official updater to update back to version 4.1” Oops. It’s now version 4.2 (and the Wii is now at firmware 3.2).

    What do I do now? I’m afraid I’ll brick it since 4.2 is supposed to stop the softmod that worked up to 4.1.

  81. Smeul says:

    i have a korean wii softmoded & its 4.0u
    i am trying to get the internet channel & also playing games online. how can i do that without going through the process of updating my wii?

  82. Jessica says:

    will this brick my wii on firmware 3.1U?

  83. Jessica says:

    btw can i get a quick response because my dad thinks this will brick our wii and i want 2 prove him wrong 🙂

  84. virgil says:

    I’m wondering about the iso can I use a usb hard drive and format it for the wii and put the iso’s that I download on it and then just plug the usb hard drive in and then i’ll be able to play them from the usb hard drive ? please someone help me .

  85. Ithian says:

    I noticed quite a few people had issues with a cIOSCORP install here. The problem with this cIOS bundle is that it’s advanced enough and makes enough changes to your system that it needs to be done by advanced users. Yet it’s still marketed by its creators to the majority of Wii users.

    If you’ve had an issue with cIOSCORP or DARKCORP, your best bet is to uninstall it and, if so willing, try installing again off a fresh set of factory IOS. That’s why I wrote the following easy instructions: Wii Softmod Guide: Uninstall cIOS CORP / DARKCORP from your Wii Console

    Best of luck.

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  88. WII Backup says:

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  89. warez says:


    […]Complete Wii Softmodding / Hacking Guide, Part 5: The Fruits of Your Labor « Some Random College Student's Blog[…]…

  90. JaQuaylon Taylor says:

    Reblogged this on Project Ultimate and commented:
    The Fnal Part 5: The Fruits of your labor Of Softmodding Wii!

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