Live Chat Added (for the time being)

I’ve added Live Chat onto my blog for you to ask me questions or get support about any problems you may be having.  This will help those of you who want instantaneous responses to your questions without having to wait on me to reply to your comments.  You can find the Live Chat on the right side of my blog, and to message me all you need to do is start typing and press enter.  When this starts getting abused, which I’m sure it will, I’ll take it offline.


2 Responses to Live Chat Added (for the time being)

  1. ryno says:

    hey man,
    this has been the best noob friendly tut I have found for softmodding my wii, I have one question; If I am ONLY interested in playing emulators, is there a point in the tutorial that I could stop at?
    If I dont need all that software or to do all those steps then I would rather not. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. randomcollegestudent says:

    if all you want to do is play emulators, you can stop at part 3 after finishing the five steps to install IOS60Patched.wad, near the bottom of the section.

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