Awesome Retro Gaming Website: The Backloggery

I know that many of you are avid retro gamers as I am, and I’ve found a great website to show off both your retro collection and achievements.  It’s called The Backloggery, a site dedicated to helping you chart a course to beating all of your old classics that have probably just been laying away collecting dust.  Here’s my current Backloggery forum signature:

At the time of writing this, I have 208 uncompleted games, 6 games that I’ve beaten, and 4 games that I’ve either completed or mastered.  I just got done playing Donkey Kong for the Gameboy Color, which I mastered, and I’m also currently playing Dr. Mario for Gameboy Color.  If you click that signature, you’ll be taken to my Backloggery profile which contains links to all of my games, friends, comments, etc.

If you’re big on retro gaming, why don’t you sign up for free and add me as a friend?

The Backloggery


25 Responses to Awesome Retro Gaming Website: The Backloggery

  1. dude dudedeude says:

    well i know this may sound stupid but, i really dont have a retro collection like old consoles and stuff, unless u consider vc and emulators as part of my collection. i was born in 1994, and got my first console (the gameboy advance) around the age of 10. but yet, it is just something about the old games on the nes and stuff that just pulls me in. before i got my first console, we would sometimes play pokemon yellow on my cousins gameboy color. and sometimes we would go to a neighbors to play mario bros 3 on his nes. and my mom had a friend whos son had a n64, and my bro and i loved to play super smash bros and pokemon stadium. i currently own a ps2, a wii (with classic games golore), a gba, and a nds. i have 8 issues of the magaazine “retro gamer”. i know u r probably much older than me because u said u got Karnov as a kid (that game is really wierd). but heah we r both retro gamers and that is good. i will create a acount soon!

  2. randomcollegestudent says:

    There is support for all consoles on the backloggery, including Virtual Console games. Also, there is only one game that I’m emulating, and what I did for it was put my ownership status on it as “Other”.

  3. dude dudedeude says:


  4. vcwii (dude dudedude) says:

    random college student, r u busy these last couple days, because u have not put any new posts on or every time i go on u not here. r u working on your backloggery or what, or r u just real busy with other stuff. i understand if your busy, but it is just that i havnt herd from u the last couple days

  5. randomcollegestudent says:

    I’ve been extremely busy lately with college things.

  6. vcwii (dude dudedude) says:

    ok i understand that, by the way, is the play it through videos yours, cause if it is, it looks like u have a awsome collection of video games.

  7. vcwii (dude dudedude) says:

    (sorry its long, but PLEASE read all of this) hello? are you still really busy, because you still seem to have time to put things on The Backloggery. if you are thats ok. i bet your wandering why i just dont make my own final fantasy 2 and other custom wads. well, i have injected wads before, but when i want to edit the banner, i extract everything out of the wad file, but when i try to open gbalzss, it opens for a milisecond and then closes. is there any way to fix this? please reply back and tell me if your ever going to continue this blog, if your not please tell me if there is anyway to fix gbalzss, or if u use a different program to edit wads. thanks.

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  12. acai says:

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  13. Andrea says:

    I love retro games. Will be checking out backloggery shortly.

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  16. id de mess says:

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  17. Russel Meidl says:

    I appreciate the effort, and I think the author definately knows their stuff has better info than the wiki on the subject!

  18. Zachary says:

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  20. Grade Acai says:

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  22. smersh36 says:

    Да, сколько людей, столько и мнений, но истина где – то рядом 🙂

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  24. nintendo says:


    […]Awesome Retro Gaming Website: The Backloggery « Some Random College Student's Blog[…]…

  25. mrfuzzer says:


    I dont really need to chart my collection i have everything written down. Everything Retro besides pc and things like Amiga/Atari ST i have so much of that, would take years to write all that down.

    I will check the site out for sure, thanks! Maybe ill move my blog there instead if its good and has those features.

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