Virtual Console Release: Mega Man 6 for NES

August 9, 2009

This completes the Mega Man games for the NES.  Obviously, this was the last one that was released for the NES and probably is my least favorite of the bunch.  Regardless, it is here for you to enjoy, because I know that it certainly has its fans.  See for yourself:

As usual, custom images and a custom manual are included.

Download:  HERE


Virtual Console Release: Mega Man 5 for NES

August 7, 2009

Here’s another Mega Man game for the NES for Virtual Console.  Mega Man 5 is one of my favorite 8-bit Mega Man games, and is an underappreciated classic.  It didn’t get as much credit as it should have gotten for the time, because it was released just as the SNES was becoming popular.  See for yourself:

As usual, this includes custom images and a custom manual.  Enjoy!

Download:  HERE

Virtual Console Release: Mega Man 4 for NES

August 6, 2009

For some reason, Nintendo is being a bit slow on releasing the rest of the Mega Man series for the Virtual Console.  Here’s so you don’t have to wait.  Definitely not my favorite retro Mega Man game, but it still manages to hold its own at times.  See for yourself:

I’m aware that there’s already injections of this and its two sequels floating around on the net, but none of them have custom manuals and proper banners like my releases do!  Enjoy!

Download:  HERE

Virtual Console Release: Final Fantasy III for NES

August 3, 2009

Another good one for today.  Here’s a fully translated Final Fantasy III for the NES.  This game was never released in the United States or Europe, and we only got a 3D Nintendo DS remake.  This game uses a very good fan translation.  As usual, this comes with custom images and a custom manual to make it a proper release.  As expected, this is a very slick NES RPG.  See for yourself.  Note that this video uses the untranslated Japanese version of the game.

I have noticed a glitch in this release and the Final Fantasy release.  If you resume play without resetting the game, the graphics get all corrupted.  I don’t think this interferes with savegames though, so when you resume the game, be sure to click the Home button and press Reset.  This also answers your question if you’re wondering why I didn’t release Final Fantasy II today — the graphics glitches in its injection make the game all but unplayable.

Download:  HERE

Virtual Console Release: Final Fantasy for NES

August 3, 2009

Here’s a great release for today.  As usual, this includes custom banner/savegame images as well as a custom manual.  Final Fantasy is a game that needs very little description.  It is virtually responsible for launching the mainstream RPG market as we know it today.  See for yourself:

Download:  HERE

Also, note that I have started using .RAR files instead of .ZIP files for my releases.  This is because .RAR files have a better compression ratio than .ZIP files.  If you’re on Windows, you’ll need something like WinRAR to open these files.  If you’re on Mac, I would recommend RAR Expander.

Virtual Console Release: Monster Party for NES

August 2, 2009

This is today’s release. Monster Party, an NES game release in 1989, is a forgotten gem.  It’s without a doubt one of the goriest games on the NES, but it also had a lot of twisted humor in it.  For example, one of the bosses is a gigantic piece of fried shrimp.  This game can at times be difficult and frustrating, but it’s quite a bit of fun to play.  You may have heard some angry reviewers on YouTube (such as the “original” Irate Gamer) take a shot at this game, but I wouldn’t take it from them.  You’ll get as much out of this game as you put into it.  One of the things I especially like about this game is the sound.  For 1989, it was a bit ahead of its time, especially in the effects department. See for yourself in this great video playthrough:

As usual, this includes an official-style manual and proper images to make this look like an official Nintendo release.  Enjoy!  Also, I’m taking requests for any NES games you would like to have injected as a WAD, so if you have any, just comment.

Download:  HERE

Virtual Console Release: Karnov for NES

July 31, 2009

Here’s another release I injected today: Karnov.  Like I said, I’m first trying to do all of the games that I had as a kid, and that includes the really weird games too.  Karnov is the epitome of a weird NES game.  My mom gave me this game as a gift when I was a kid, and just by looking at the box art, I knew it was going to be really off the wall.  As soon as I put it in to try it out, my hunch was right.  This game makes absolutely no sense.  Why does Karnov ride in and out of levels on a lightning bolt?  Why can you only get hit twice before you die? When you get hit, you turn blue — is Karnov suffocating when you get hit?  Why are so many things in this game orange?  Why does Karnov jump like he’s on the moon?  Why is there zero gravity when you fall from a cliff?  Why are animated statues and snake/dinosaur hybrids trying to kill you?  This game makes no sense.

Includes official-like manual and all the custom images to make this a proper release.  Enjoy.

Download:  HERE