Wii Softmodding Guide

Thanks for your interest in my Wii softmodding guide!  This guide tries to be the most complete softmodding guide for the Nintendo Wii on the internet.  From its launch on day one, it has gotten an average of 500 views a day, and I’m sure it has helped a lot of people softmod their console.  After reading it from part one to part five, you should easily be able to hack your system and have a firm grasp on all of the concepts that are involved in doing so.  Be sure that you don’t skip parts. A lot of people are tempted to skip part one according to my traffic stats, but it has a lot of extremely important information!

If you have questions or get stuck in any of the parts, post a comment and I will gladly assist you.  Good luck!


26 Responses to Wii Softmodding Guide

  1. Gary says:

    Having problems with network timing out during Anyregion changer. Very strange. It is the same exact problem as a previous poster, but don’t see any real solution. What are my options now. I would like to get it to work, but now just want to avoid bricking it. Can I do the downgrader, remove my homebrew channel, then do a system update? Just would rather not brick. Thanks in advance.

  2. randomcollegestudent says:

    If you’re wanting to just go ahead and stop and everything is still working, I’d say just drop the guide and leave everything alone. I can’t guarantee that updating to 4.1 if you’re not on it already won’t brick your system because there are so many different variables in play (which gets into the reason this guide was created in the first place).

    My suggestion would be if it’s a network problem then it’s probably due to high server load and to wait it out. Give it an hour or two and try again.

  3. Karim says:

    Great guide to be totally honest!
    I haven’t encountered any error at all. I have also done the bootmii procedure (using boot2) and managed to do NAND backup successfully, after installing the homebrew channel.
    However, I have noticed one thing which is not happening for me: USB loader channel, Cube game and WAD manager channel don’t show up in the Nintendo channel menu. I can access them through the homebrew channel (i.e SD card) but no channel for those in my WII.

    Is there anything I need to re-install?


  4. randomcollegestudent says:

    That’s normal. Google “wii redirect channels” or “TroyTheZombie’s animated channels” to get custom channels for those kinds of things.

  5. Karim says:

    thanks for that
    I guess what i missed was the wad files, needed for each application that I want to have on the wii menu. It’s sorted now.

    My last question however (hopefully the last) is this:

    I have a 16GB SDHC card (sandisk) that I want to use for games only. I read a lot and I know that ISO games can be loaded in it, but using a different system format WBFS, thru the WBFS manager. This piece of software format the card then load the ISO into it, converting and thus reducing its size too.
    Anyway, that’s the easy part. The problem is when I put the SDHC card in the wii and I load the SD/USB LOADER 1.5, it works first, allowing me to select the device SD/SDHC CARD, but it fails and gives me an error (ret=-1) when i press A to continue…

    Does it mean I need some kind of cIOS? or SDHC aren’t really supported, or maybe i need a different version of the loader? or finally I need to partition the card in 2 partitions: one for the wii files and one for the iso games? (if the loader loads i dont think it needs the fils right?)

    many thanks again

  6. nizinsky says:

    Hi!I just wanna ask you if serial number LEH25 can be moded?? becouse I have heard it can’t.Marcin

  7. Ryan says:

    i managed to do everything perfect. ihave lots of games on my HD running through USB Loader. The problem i am having is the following:

    Punch Out NTSC U – iso wont boot. i get the 2 error. so i turn on ERROR 002 fix. then instead of loading the game the screen goes black and the controller shuts off. i am forced to hard reset.

    Resident Evil Umbrela Corp – PAL – this is when forced to NTSC turns the screen black but the controller stays lit up. im not sure if this error is due to being PAL, but i cant seem to get this to work either….

    Thanks for everything you have done for me regardless of this gets fixed.

  8. wildkat says:

    Hi, is there a shortened version of this guide? I would rather not have cioscorp. Just a basic hack – bannerbomb, hackmii, homebrew channel and then a loader.

  9. Johnny says:

    I was going step by step using your guide the night the new update happened. I was so confused that I couldn’t find the homebrew channel. Then I noticed my system menu said it was 4.2. Any chance you might update the guide to handle this minor set back?

  10. galactus says:

    I was about to start this fantastic tutorial when I realised the step after you install SD pack 2 needs you to update the Wii firmware from 3.2 to 4.1 but with 4.2 now released this will mess up the hack. There must be a way to update to 4.1 at this step and bypass 4.2 – any ideas anyone??

  11. TheBladeUk says:

    Hi mate, seems like there is an update hopefully you can find a way around it 🙂

  12. galactus says:

    Thanks, TheBladeUk. If you get any details of this then I’d really appreciate it if you posted them. Everything in the guide seems to be still ok so it just needs some other way to update to 4.1 at this point then everything is cool again.

  13. rx7 says:

    is there anyway to update to 4.1 instead of 4.2?

  14. Tommy K says:

    Will this guide work with 4.2U? Has anybody tried?

  15. vonal says:

    dude i updated to 4.2 thouhgt it was 4.0 make wrong choice i guess but still wanting to play backups on thw wii can you walk me through or direct me to where i need to be. smiply put just tell me what i need to do ill do it. and i thank you to the fullest

  16. Xan says:

    I followed the guide 100% and everything worked great (until the end). I was able to update to 4.1U. At the end of the guide, during the last steps, I force loaded the preloader as indicated, and it said that hbc was not installed? I have not been able to get the system back, clean it, or consider it anything but a brick… any ideas?

  17. Xan says:

    I do not recommend using this guide. It is outdated and I cannot seem to get any help here to fix the problems. I am bricked right now, but I think I will be able to restore it.

    Do some google searching for new guides with active forums. There is a lot of good information out there that is current.

  18. Adurna says:

    I have a new wii version 4.0U can that be soft modded too. If can can you help me out by giving me the steps.

  19. Adurna says:

    It’s me again. I was wondering if I can use this guide to help me softmod my wii version 4.0U. Can someone help me out plz. So that I can get started and have fun with my wii. I wanted to follow every step carefully and follow each step so that I won’t brik the wii

  20. MBP says:

    I was on step 4 of your guide. Everything was smooth until you said to update back to 4.1 now it upgraded to 4.3 and I’m stuck. Any help?

  21. Daniel says:


    Awesome guide 🙂

    Gonna try it out this weekend.

  22. wide says:

    I have a older wii that I have put a wiikey modchip in. Is there a way I can use the homebrew software and USB iso drive on this box

  23. jon says:

    Hi, just come across this guide and as an experienced wii hacker my advice would be don’t use it. It’s way out of date. Updating is not an option as the wii is now at version 4.3. Deleting any cIOS above 200 is madness and will lead to a brick unless you know what you are doing. Wiihacks is a far better resource and it’s guides should be followed to the letter.

  24. Asad says:

    Got some trouble with my internet connection after softmodding my Wii…
    Did somebody got an idea how I can solve this?
    Wii ombouwen

  25. Practical information and facts. Fortunate enough everyone I stumbled upon your blog inadvertently, and i’m shocked the reason that collision failed to took place upfront! I personally book-marked this.

  26. Nick says:

    The SD pack doesn’t work because i clicked it and my pc said “error
    file not found”

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